Flowers in the Fall

FromĀ Life of love Photography:

I am a military family photographer currently stationed in Italy. This session with one of my clients embodies all the beautiful colors of the fall. Taken on one crisp morning, I choose a park as the ideal location for the children. My aim was to capture their story in all the details; the love between and sister and her brother, father and daughter, daughter and her love for flowers and a tight family shot around a autumn tree.


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Tips for photographers working with children:
Young or old, people are happier in the mornings
Bribes of candy works wonders
I choose 6-7 different backdrops with walking in between so the kids wouldn’t get board with their surroundings
Keep it fun! Wiggle, dance, giggle and sing to get natural looking laughs
If all else fails, just sit down and talk to the family and kids. You will get natural candid shots that turn out great!

Gear Used:
Canon 5d Mark III
35mm 1.4 L
50mm 1.4 L
Lots of playfulness

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