Baby Boy Branson

We are very pleased to welcome Angie Englerth Photography to the IMB blog for the first time with an absolutely beautiful newborn session!  I love her advice too, make the most with the equipment you have.  Your equipment is not the single most important factor in determining your success but rather how well you know your gear and your ability to develop good shooting habits.  A great photographer is still great even with outdated equipment!


Branson002 Branson004 Branson008 Branson010 Branson015bw Branson016 Branson018 Branson024 Branson025bw

This baby was so sweet! He came in at a 9 pounds and slept like a champ through his entire session! He let me put him in just about any pose I wanted to. He is the third boy for this mama so she definitely has her hands full.

My advice? Don’t let your equipment be an excuse. I used to complain to my husband all the time how outdated my equipment is and I can’t wait until I can afford to upgrade. Now I realize I need to make the most with what I have. Who says you can’t take great photos on older equipment? I’ll still upgrade as soon as I can, but I won’t let my outdated gear stop me!

Gear Used:
Canon 40D
Canon 50 1.8

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