IMB screen shotMethod 1: Banner Ads

Our readership grows each and every day and they’re actively seeking new products and services to improve their photography business. In just the past 30 days alone, we have seen over 50,000 unique visitors!

We have a limited number of spots available so if you are interested reserve your spot using the selections below.

Ad placement rotates upon each visit so it is fair to all advertisers.  Each advertiser is given access to the stats for their banner so you can track click through rates and cost per click.

Once you’ve successfully checked out, you will be redirected to an area where you will be able to upload your link and ad. All ads are subject to approval.  You will be notified when your ad is approved.  Most approvals take less than 24 hours.


Banner Ad Rates

Zone 1  250 x 125 // Monthly - $50.00 –OR– Yearly – $450.00

Zone 2  125 x 125// Monthly - $25.00 — OR– Yearly – $225.00

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Method 2: Facebook Shoutout

IMB facebook pageOur Facebook fan page currently has about 17,000 fans and the number is growing by hundreds of fans every week!  We can get the word out on your product or service to our huge fan base quickly and affordably.  For just $15.00 you can use our Facebook fan page as a platform for your message.  Contact us for approval and scheduling – contact{at}


Method 3: Product Giveaway

Launching a new product? Have a product or service that would do well with photographers? Run your very own giveaway on our blog and reach thousands of potential customers!  For just $20.00 we will host a giveaway on our site exclusively featuring your product!  We will also promote the giveaway using our Facebook fan page and our e-mail distribution list!  A great way to build brand awareness!  Also keep an eye out on our Facebook page for announcements regarding shared giveaways.  Once every several months we host a giveaway (free to vendors) featuring products and services from several different vendors.  These giveaways our free to join but not everyone is guaranteed a spot.  Contact us for approval and scheduling – contact{at}


Method 4: E-mail List

Our e-mail list includes over 1500 subscribers and continues to grow each day!  If you want to get your message directly into the inbox of potential customers this is a great advertising opportunity!  We use our e-mail list very sparingly as to not upset or annoy potential customers.  As a result we are proud to brag about our e-mail open rate of 37% – which is actually 40% better than the industry average!  We also have a click rate of 7%.  So on average, we receive over 100 clicks every time we send out a promotion via e-mail!  Get it on the action for just $15.00!  Contact us for approval and scheduling – contact{at}


Method 5: Sponsored Post

Have a lot to say about your product, service or website?  We will give you an entire blog post dedicated to whatever you want to say!  Our blog is not over-stuffed with meaningless noise or uninteresting material – when we have something to say our readers are listening!  We have built an audience that is engaged and active; paving the way for guest bloggers to be heard!  For just $20.00 you can have your very own blog post on our site!  Your blog post can have as many links to your site as you want, a great value for those seeking to improve their SEO ranking.  Contact us for approval and scheduling – contact{at}


Method 6: Sponsored Post + Facebook Promoted Post

Guaranteed to reach tens of thousands of potential customers!  First, we promote your product or service on our blog using a sponsored guest post.  Then we post a link to the blog post and positive review (including an image of your choice) on our Facebook fan page.  And finally we use the Facebook advertising API to promote the Facebook post to “friends” of our fans which typically results in a boost of about 10,000 unique views (analytics can be provided).  This is a great way to get your message out en masse as well as possibly pick up several hundred new Facebook fans!  You get all this for $60.00!  Contact us for approval and scheduling – contact{at}