Professional Email Scripts for Photographers

If you’ve ever been on the wrong end of a poorly-written or ill-considered email you know how bad it feels, how angry it can make one feel and how important clear communication is. If you have ever struggled with how to answer a question from a prospective client or wondered what to say in any professional email related to your photography business, I urge you to check out the latest ebook from our friend Jamie Swanson of The Modern Tog.

I read the book this week and truly believe it will not only save you time in composing clear, kind and elegant responses to almost any situation, it will also bring you clients as word gets around about your professional demeanor in the most complex of situations. I mean, it’s easy to send sweet agreeable emails when there’s no conflict, or stress in your business but as your photography business grows, it’s inevitable that you will be asked for discounts, barters, donations, and more. If you respond without thinking… say in educating someone who grossly under-values your services… you may get some immediate satisfaction, but in the long run, it may hurt your business if you don’t do it with grace and firmness.

I’m a bit late sharing this with my readers, so I want you to know, time is of the essence if you want the sweet deal Jamie is offering. Until Thursday 5/3 midnight MST, she is offering a $50 discount + free client questionnaires. If you’ve ever found yourself on a photography forum in the wee hours asking, “how do I handle this sticky situation…” this is the resource for you.

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Please note, Jamie provided me with a free copy of the ebook to review and should you use the link above, I do receive a small commission.

Inspire Me Baby Store | Barnwood Mats

We have updated our store and are now offering several new styles of flooring mats!
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Learn Shoot Inspire Workshop with Sarah Ulrich

Here’s another great learning opportunity from; but, we’re told only a few spots remain…

Newborn Sessions: Start-to-Finish with Sarah Ulrich 
Sarah Ulrich is well known in the photography industry for her unique lighting knowledge and ability to capture almost perfect images straight out of the camera (SOOC) with very little editing required after.  If you’re eager to learn how to let the camera do more of the work than the computer, this is the workshop from you. This is an online workshop running from March 12th – April 8th, 2012. Last time it was offered, this workshop sold out, so if you’re interested,  grab one of the few slots remaining. Keep in mind, this is a comprehensive training program that will address what you need to know before, during and after the newborn session. If you have any questions, contact LSI on their Facebook page!

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Submit Your Best of 2011

Just as we did this time last year, we’re inviting our readers to celebrate the great work they did this past year as we look forward to 2012. Here is a chance for you to submit your best or favorite photograph from 2011 and let us know what made it special to you. To participate, please do the following:

1. We ask that you host the image in a single post on your site, rather than uploading image files. We will link back to the post on your site. If you do not have a website we will also feature images hosted on flickr accounts.

2. Please note that we do not accept photo submissions from Facebook.

3. The size limit is 595 pixels wide, 72 dpi. If you provide an image wider than this, we won’t be able to post it.

4. We appreciate links back to our site so please add the following message and link back to Inspire Me Baby:

This photo was included in the Inspire Me Baby Best of 2011 –

So, before the year is over, show off your best and learn from other photographers! The goal of is to celebrate how much we’ve improved, learn from other photographers and see what makes an image so wonderful to them. Use the form below.


Stephanie Robin Newborn Safety, Posing, & Compositing

Our friends over at are offering a workshop taught by Stephanie Robin on Newborn Safety, Posing, and  Compositing. Many of you viewed Stephanie’s newborn twins session in August and emailed us with questions and positive feedback so we wanted to share this opportunity with you. LSI offers their members who sign up before December 19th a special rate and there are two participation levels offered :

• Participant price if signed up before December 19th: $400
• Follow along price if signed up before December 19th: $200

Participants will be able to ask questions, get critique, and participate in the homework assignments with feedback. Follow alongs will be able to view the course only.

LSI workshops are known to sell out quickly, so if you want to get in on this great opportunity to learn from Stepahnie, you should act before it’s too late. In order to sign up for the workshop, you must first be a member of LSI (available for only $12 and up)

About Stephanie Robin

Stephanie Robin has an extensive background as a registered physiotherapist. She is fully versed in the anatomy and physiology of newborns and has an innate understanding of their reflexes and the effect of these on newborn posing. She teaches from a physiologic as well as an artistic standpoint and approaches her posing with a “safety first” mindset.

Stephanie is no stranger to the photography industry. She has been photographing and teaching newborn photography for many years. She has worked along side many other renown photographers and has won many awards. Recently she made 3 placements in the NAPCP International Image Completion which includes a first and second place for newborn imagery.

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