Freebie: What to Wear Siblings & Seniors

Last month, you requested What to Wear guides for siblings and seniors. Two outfits from the What to Wear Siblings were put together by Gap. All clothes from the What to Wear Seniors are from Wet Seal. If you haven’t been to Wet Seal’s website, they have an online application for putting together outfits. Download the What to Wear Siblings here and What to Wear Seniors here.

As always, please feel free to use these on your website and/or blog and to put your logo on them. :) Happy Thursday!

Guest Blogger: Newborn Photography Processing How-To and Free Photoshop Action from Photography by Jacqueline

I know one of the things I personally struggle with is how to process newborn photographs. They’re red and splotchy! One of my favorite vendors, Jacqueline, has generously written a fantastic tutorial about how to process newborn photographs. Please visit her website or Facebook and give her some love. For those who are in need of newborn posing help, you definitely want to check out Jacqueline’s shop.

I’ve been so excited about this tutorial, I decided to post it a day earlier than planned! ;) P.S. You can click on the images to view a larger version.

Here is the before and after.

newborn processing tips

First, start by cropping the photo the way you would like. I tilted mine just a little. Don’t worry if you crop over the image. You can use the clone tool later. Here is how I cropped mine.

newborn processing tips

Now, using my clone tool. I fill in the areas left over from the crop. We will blend these a little better later.

newborn processing tips

Now, I use my own action, Jacqueline’s Creamy Curve. This is a free download ONLY for Inspire Me Baby! Please do not share this action. (You can make adjustments to the action accordingly. Babies are usually a little red so the action was created with that in mind). You can download the action HERE (After you run this action, take this time to remove blemishes on the baby’s skin or blanket).

newborn processing tips

Now, create a new blank layer. Use your eye dropper tool to select a sample of the blanket from the front. Get a brush with a low opacity and paint over the background. (I only paint behind the baby). I used a hardness of 15%. Don’t worry about painting over the baby. I then dropped the layer opacity to 75%. After you are finished painting, use a layer mask to erase it from his skin.

newborn processing tips

After I use a layer mask and erase the paint from the baby skin, I went to ‘filter/blur/lens blur’. I am going to use this to blur the background so it lessens the ability to see where we painted. Now, use a layers mask to remove the blur from the baby.  I used a radius and blade curve of 30% with a rotation of 120. You can adjust this to your own liking.

newborn processing tips

Use your burn tool to darken the background to your liking. Now, because I notice that my image is still a little more red than I would like, I use the curves adjustment to pull some more red out. And there we are… ALL DONE!

newborn processing tips

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Freebie: What to Wear Fall Inspired

Fall is here! Sweaters and knits, oh my!

Feel free to use these on your website or blog and PLEASE put your logo on it – I hate that white space. ;) Here is the first one without our logo and here is the second one.

Freebie: What to Wear Maternity and 1950s

Thank you for all the great feedback on the free What to Wear guides! I’ve created two more: one for maternity sessions and one that was inspired by the 1950s (and from this session we featured). Please feel free to download and use the version without our logo here (maternity) and here (1950s).

What to Wear: Family Sessions

It’s not too early to start planning for Fall right? We took your suggestions and added shoes and information on where to buy the clothing. Download the version without our logo here to use on your website/blog.