Purl Lamb Giveaway! Two $35 gift certificates!

We are excited to present to you, Purl Lamb, a recently launched shop by Irina Hubbard that specializes in beautiful knit hats and accessories.  This girl has mad skills and you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on her!

From Irina:
My products are made from luxurious yarns and are stylish, colorful and fun and not just for photographers. My sizes go from Newborn to 5T because I believe that splurging on family is just as important as customers. My designs are sold in a limited amount (3-4 items per listing). Once the yarn runs out, the listing will be removed and new designs will be introduced.

Irina has generously offered to do a giveaway on IMB this coming week for two $35 gift certificates to her shop.  All you have to do is

  1. “Like” Purl Lamb on facebook
  2. Pick out your favorite item from her store and come back to add your comment to this post.

We will be drawing 2 lucky winners on Sunday night (July 8th) around 8:00 pm (EDT).  If you have a session coming up, you’ll definitely want to snag one of these gorgeous hats!  Here are some samples from the Purl Lamb shop:

(Photo Credit: Kelley Ryden)


Giveaway!!! SLR Lounge | Lightroom 4 Tutorial DVD

Inspire Me Baby has partnered with SLR Lounge for this Giveaway of the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 DVD Tutorial Guide (Digital Download)! While typical photography related Tutorial DVDs cost several hundreds of dollars for only a few hours of educational tutorials, this 14 hour Lightroom 4 A to Z guide will not only help you master Lightroom, it will do it without breaking the bank at only $99 for either the Physical DVD or the Instant Digital Download!

Among the variety of techniques you’ll learn in this DVD are:

  • HDR Effects
  • Vintage Washes
  • Tilt Shift Effects
  • Basic Color Correction
  • …Much Much More (see the examples below)
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Giveaway!!! Photographer Cafe Gift Certificate

We’re delighted and honored to bring you a giveaway from one of our wonderful sponsors, Photographer Cafe. Their beautiful, practical, time-saving templates will get your photography business ready for its best year yet.  The resources and tools in the shop will help you look your very best and communicate effectively with your clients.  Be sure to check out their business and marketing collections, 365 opening collages, image boxes, and DVD cases.  Your images will shine with the clean, modern design of every template.

A  $150 shopping spree for the product(s) of your choice in the Photographer Cafe shop.


1. Visit the Cafe shop and then come back here to leave a blog comment sharing your favorite Photographer Cafe product.

Bonus Entries:

2.  Like our giveaway on Facebook.
3. Pin your favorite Photographer Cafe product on Pinterest.
4. Share our giveaway on your Facebook profile.
5. Post about our giveaway on a photography related forum.

Come back and comment here that you’ve done so – each entry requires its own separate comment. You can enter up to five times total. (The first entry is required)

Hurry!  The giveaway ends on Thursday, April 26 at 11:59 PM PST (MIDNIGHT). Comments are numbered the order they were received. The winner will be chosen via Random Number Generator.


Rock the Shot Interview and Giveaway

Rock the Shot has been one of the most ardent supporters of Inspire Me Baby and we are delighted to share more information about this wonderful resource. From now until April 9, Rock the Shot is offering Inspire Me Baby readers a 20% discount off any level membership with the promo code ‘inspireme20’ .  If you have ever considered a membership to Rock the Shot, now is the perfect opportunity!

You can also enter our contest to win a one-year membership ($50 value each) to the forum.


What is Rock the Shot? Rock the Shot was founded by Karlen Kleinkopf and Laura Thomas, who met online in early 2010 and instantly became friends. Their shared passion and a desire to help photographers improve their skills and build better businesses inspired them to create an innovative platform where both new photographers and seasoned professionals could share their work, knowledge, and experience with one another.

The company consists of two components: The Blog and The Forum.

The Blog is an innovative site for photography enthusiasts! Whether you’re a new photographer just starting out, or a seasoned professional, Rock the Shot is dedicated to helping photographers learn and refine their photography skills, and build their businesses. The Forum was as created to as a place for photographers to learn and share information. Learn the skills you need to take better photos and define your personal style. Discover post-processing techniques that will make your work stand out from the competition. Access invaluable business tools including sales, marketing, and branding strategies. We also provide photography training, exclusive workshops, and online mentoring opportunities

Could you tell us a bit about how you were able to mobilize and create such a vibrant community?  What we love about this industry is the people!  There are so many amazing photographers to work with and a community that really seeks to help and support one another.  We wanted to make Rock the Shot a community where photographers could learn from each other and grow together.  We offer a blog that reaches out to members and non-members alike.  Our content includes insights on learning and refining your photography skills, and running a business.  We also offer photo challenges, fun giveaways, photographer spotlights, and more.  Inside the forum we offer more personalized discussions and learning opportunities for photographers.  It’s a fun and encouraging community at Rock the Shot and that’s what makes it a great place to learn, share, and grow.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs in the photography space?  We would encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to make a business plan, set achievable business goals and objectives, and stay on track.  Make a realistic plan in the beginning of where you want to be in 1 year, 2 years and 5 years down the road.  Set short term and long term goals within your business and remember that success doesn’t happen without challenges and opportunities to grow.  Be sure to stick to your plan, while being flexible enough to make changes that will take your business to the next level, and don’t be distracted by others who may have started their business at the same time.  Each photographer has a different challenge whether it’s editing techniques, location, pricing or even how to market their business against hundreds of competitors.  Don’t measure success by what others do, set your own goals and work hard.  Stay true to you own goals as a business owner and photographer and enjoy the success that will bring. Go for your personal best!

In your experience what is the most common mistake photographers make when starting their business?  The most common mistake would have to be setting the bar too high and giving up too easily.  It’s so easy to look at other photographers and think that their business grew overnight.  At times we see photographers struggle or give up because their success doesn’t happen as quickly as they would like.  We encourage photographers to remind themselves why they got into this business.  For many it could be for extra income, for others it has been a dream since they were little, or it could be because they love people and just love taking pictures.  Whatever the case may be, don’t be discouraged by the little things.  Instead, use those bumps in the road as an opportunity to grow and build a strong foundation for your business.

What is your favorite part of running Rock the Shot? What is the most challenging aspect?  First, we love the people.  We love the vendors we get to work with, the photographers we become friends with, and the opportunity to help others.  We truly believe that we are given each day is a gift and need to use it as an opportunity to encourage others.  What is most disappointing and challenging is working with those who don’t support others in this industry, or even worse – want them to fail; or when we see people give up.


Want More? Enter our contest to win a free one-year membership to Rock the Shot.

Giveaway!!! Zin Frames


We’re so excited for this giveaway featuring a new IMB sponsor, Zin Frames!  These designer frames are custom made, modern, but vintage at the same time. They look great in baby’s nursery, and in living rooms alike.

From Zin Fames:

Zin Frames was founded by Rosanne & Jan Korteland who run a successful photography business, so they know how important it is that photographers can offer their clients high-quality and unique products. With Zin you can offer your clients beautifully finished portraits that they will proudly display in their homes.

Zin Frames currently offers their photographer clients a palette of 22 colours, and custom colours are available for a fee of just $15. This includes up to 6 frames. A large variety of sizes is available, from ornament frames up to 30×40 frames. They also welcome custom size requests. All frames are made to order and you can expect them to be shipped within 3 weeks of placing your order. 

There are many great uses for these frames. Zin offers chalkboard inserts, which turn the frame into a beautiful chalkboard. These are great for sessions with children! But if you would rather use the frame as a whiteboard, they also offer you that possibility.

When you’re using the frames to display photos, they recommend ordering non-glare acrylic which protects your print, and since it doesn’t reflect the light you can’t even see that it’s in there.

Zin Frames offers wholesale pricing to professional photographers. To sign up for an account, please click here. Once your account is activated you’ll be able to see the full selection of colours, and the discounted photographer pricing. You’ll also receive information to get a 10% discount on your first order (available until end of April 2012)! 

Shipping is free within Canada on orders over $100, and to the continental US on orders over $150. Otherwise a $12 flat rate within Canada applies, or a $17 flat rate to the continental US.


This beautiful retro frame is just oozing class. The finishings on the paint provide a rustic, yet clean look that can go with almost any decor. I’m impressed with not only the quality of the frame, but also the hardware. The non reflective plexi coating puts all the attention on my pictures instead of whatever light is reflecting in the room. The hanging hardware is securely fastened, and there are gel pads on the back to prevent the frame from rubbing on/hitting the wall. Attention to detail indeed! Very impressed!

Three (3) 5×7″ frames with acrylic (retail value $126). The winner can choose the frame style and colour.

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