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Correct Finger Positioning by Katie O Hardy Photography

Photographing newborns takes years of practice. There are so many tips involved from soothing techniques to posing tips. Just in the last year I decided to only specialize in newborns and offer family sessions twice a year. I photograph 4-6 newborns a month and I am still learning new tricks.  Over the years, I have learned one tip that has helped me perfect my images and make my newborns look comfortable, natural and relaxed.

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Harnessing Natural Light By Casey McGaffick

I am a lifestyle photographer working out of Western, NY.  For the past five years my work in this area and my amazing, trusting clients have taken me into all kinds of weather conditions … and I love the challenge it brings as I work – getting creative with whatever available natural light!

A bright overcast day provides the ideal soft even light that many photographers crave but more often than not … the offer is harsh sun, dark rain clouds, or in this part of the country even snow!  Regardless of what you’re dealt, the potential to create beautiful dramatic images always remains.

The topic of utilizing natural light is vast and though reflectors and flash equipment can at times be useful, I like to travel light. Over years of experience, here are a few suggestions that can take an ordinary photograph into the range of stunning.

Using Harsh light to create drama 

This is most certainly turning lemons into lemonade.  Harsh light can be very unflattering and is a perfect opportunity to get creative!  In this picture below, I loved the door and wanted to use it as a backdrop, but the sun would have been right in my client’s eyes, so by having her look off to the side I was able to create a much more interesting image.

In the next image, we were shooting indoors so that my beautiful little client could get a few images while in her dress on what was a cold fall day.  The afternoon sun was streaming directly through the window and was creating strong shadows. Towards the end of our time together she rolled over tired and I took the opportunity to grab this image while she was facing away from the light.

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Newborn Posing Tips with Kimmy Howard

I am so honored to be writing for Insipre Me Baby!!  Newborn photography has been my passion since day one on my journey as a photographer.  Like a lot of photographers, my journey began when my first child was born.  I have always had a passion for art (drawing, painting, sculpture), but the only camera that I had owned up to that point was just a shoot/point camera, so photography was never something that I vested my interest.  As a new mommy, I wanted to capture my little girl and remember how tiny she was, all her little expressions, and her joyful little spirit.  One day I came upon a custom photographer’s work and was blown away.  The idea of custom photography was completely new to me.  It was at that moment, that I understood exactly what I wanted to do.  Soon after, I got my first DSLR camera (yes, I decided that I wanted to have a photography business even before owning a camera!).  I knew from the beginning that I wanted to photograph newborns.  After exploring all kinds of photography (families, children, weddings, seniors, engagement, babies, & newborns), I found that for me, nothing compared to newborn photography.  In the past year, I focused solely on newborns and opened up for family sessions in the spring and fall only.  I anticipate becoming even more exclusive to newborns in the future.  In my 3 years of doing photography as a business, I’ve learned so much along the way.  At the top of my list would be this: Newborn photography is NOT easy.

As I started out photographing newborns, I always wondered how those “seasoned pros” got the kind of shots they did.  I could hardly get a baby to sleep and I couldn’t imagine having the baby’s diaper off for more than 5 minutes!  As I thought about what I’d like to share with you all today, a few things came to my mind.

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Six Tips and Tricks for On-Location Newborn Portrait Sessions

This week, please welcome back guest blogger Summerland Photography who has been so generous with her words of wisdom on photographing children and families. This time she shares some great advice for photographing newborns on location.

There’s something so very special about on-location newborn sessions. Sure, they can be a little more challenging than a studio session, but I think the rewards are so worth it. These sessions really allow me to capture what’s unique and special about a brand new family by using their home as a backdrop. This one was particularly near and dear to my heart because it was a farming family much like my own.


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Turn Web Visitors Into Clients

Please join us in welcoming back Zach Prez, author of 7 ebooks and the tremendous resource, Photography Web Marketing Guide.  Be sure to check out his website and like his Facebook page to stay current on some of the best advice for your photography business. In addition to his ebooks, Zach offers a range of services from free advice to personal coaching to help you improve (or begin) your marketing efforts and reach new clients.

Turn Web Visitors Into Clients
Would you rather have a hundred people visit your website without making a purchase or one person visit your site and hire you? The only visitors I track are the ones who hire me and all my marketing activities try to increase that number. A traffic generating website cannot stand alone, it needs to turn the visitor into an action taker. This post outlines three Ps potential clients seek before making a purchase decision. Make sure these are extremely visible in order to drive clients to pick up the phone and contact you.

Professional Photos (no surprise)
People visiting your website need to see wonderful photos before they’ll book a session. You already know that. You may not know how difficult you’re making it to get potential clients to the right photos.

I’ll demonstrate with an example. Pretend you’re renting space at an event and will hand out a flier promoting your photography. You can show a handful of photos on that flier, say three to seven. I suspect you’ll pick out a variety of your best work and show all of them on the front of the flier so everyone can see your stuff and make a purchase decision in less than ten seconds.

Now, I want you to go to your website and time how long it takes to see those very same photos you would have put on the flier.

How many clicks does it take the user to get to the handful of images you really want them to see?

Most photographers use two or three photos on a splash page, forcing users into a Flash gallery and wait through minutes of slideshow to see everything (and exclude iPhone users in the process). Most photographers show their most recent project first on their blog, instead of showing your most important post up front. Remember to show a variety of styles across many sessions, giving you more chances that one of them will resonate.

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