Williamson Maternity Shoot

From: Kenan Irving Photography

We are located in Ruston, Louisiana. We try to capture family events in a candid and unique way. Our goal is to get out of the way and let moments happen. The shoot below is the Williamson family maternity shoot. Chris, his wife Alexis and daughter Destinee were great subjects. We didn’t want this to be regular maternity shoot with a bunch of photos of the family staring at Alexis’ belly. She’s pregnant and that’s obvious. So we felt that any picture she was in, was automatically a maternity picture. With that in mind we decided to capture a day in the life of a family expecting a new baby. The shots include the family baking cookies and putting together a new bassinet. We also felt that the new house they had just bought was a member of the family. It would be an important place in the lives of everyone, including the new baby. So we wanted the house to feature as well. We shot in the kitchen, dining room, stairway and both bedrooms. We all had a blast! I love how subtle the pictures came out. None of them really scream, “I’m pregnant!”.


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Soft & Natural Maternity Session

From Michelle Kujawski Photography:

I absolutely love working with mamas-to-be and this maternity session is one of my favorites! The couple really wanted something soft and natural, so we shot at a nature trail in Delafield, Wisconsin at the golden hour. We discussed wardrobe ahead of time and determined that a neutral color would be best in this environment and add to the light, airy feel. I was so excited about the beautiful, warm glow of the sun as it went down during a few of the shots! I’m not sure if the couple understood just why I was so giddy about the light at the time, but once they saw the photos, they understood!


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A Bit of Color

From Captures in Time Photography:

I captured this adorable girl in my studio, in Kansas City, MO. I just had to use some brighter colors with her skin tones. Sometimes, you just look at a baby and can tell what colors will work great with them!



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Floral Inspired Mommy and Me

From Alex Lasota Photography:

April 2016 – In Eastern Washington Spring has been in full bloom, with flowers as bright and beautiful as ever, perfect for a Mommy and Me session, especially with Mother’s Day right around the corner. I’ve known Albany for over a year now, and had the privilege of meeting Gianna during this session, and what an angel she was. Alongside this mother and daughter duo, Gianna’s grandmother came along to assist in this beautiful spring shoot. To capture this, I simply let mother and daughter be, coaxing a few images by telling Albany to move her shoulder here or there. The one thing I find most important when capturing mother and daughter sessions, is in order to get that truly organic feel, you must be patient and you must let the two interact. This shoot took less than an hour, and we were able to come up with so many beautiful images. I cannot tell you how much of a joy it was to edit these photographs. The love these two have for each other is untouchable, undeniable, and completely and utterly beautiful – all one had to do (me) was sit back and observe.



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A Whimsical Spring Family Session

From Lyn Michael Photography:

This Family session was created by their step Mother Kaitlin, Most of the clothing is H&M and Janie and Jack. Coca cola bottles, picnic basket, blanket and roses for decoration. This session took place at a local park around 6:00pm in March. We have worked with this couple for their Engagement, Wedding and now Family photos. This session we were excited to include the kids ages 6 and 8 !! They were very well behaved “even tho we may have bribed them with Reese cups”. My favorite part about capturing family is letting them be who they are; capturing the moments they can’t get back, letting the kids have fun. I pose my clients by explaining poses to them; while they move in to position; I can capture real raw emotion!


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