The Most Pleasant Arrival

From Kelli Bee Photography:

After my friend had her first baby ten years ago, she asked me if I would photograph the birth of her second child as she wished she was able to have me photograph the birth of her first kid. I promised her I would. That day actually came! This was my first live birth photography session and it went PERFECTLY. I had been studying birth photography blogs for some time now and braced myself for anything that could go wrong, and not one thing did, thankfully. I live 45 miles away from my friend so I was REALLY hoping she’d go into labor in the middle of the night so I could drive down to her without the fear of being stuck in traffic. Made it with hours to spare and witnessed what was probably one of the smoothest and fastest deliveries ever….or at least that day!



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Miracle Baby

From Kelsey Freeman Photography:

Finally, at 5/7/14, I got the call at 5:00 AM that I had been waiting for. Baby Carson was making his debut.

Let me take you on a little trip down memory lane. It was 7th grade chorus class with Mrs. Pierce. The very first day of school. I walked into chorus class with my super cute pink Aeropostale sweatsuit feeling comfy and ready to sing. What do I see across the room? A girl wearing the exact same outfit. So of course we had to chit-chat. We discovered we had the same birthday. Really? This chick had on the exact same outfit and the same birthday? I mean c’mon. That’s just nature’s way of telling me we were going to be best friends.

Lets fast forward 9 years, through sleepovers, trying to skip Sunday School, endless nights of Monopoly, sneaking out, and graduating together. She comes to my house early one morning and tells me that she has some news. She says she thinks she is pregnant. So naturally, as any best friend would do, I drug her butt to the store, we bought like 5 pregnancy tests, and made her take them as soon as we got back to my house. Yup…she was preggo.


This girl had the best pregnancy. No morning sickness, no awful fatigue, no horrific weight-gain, nothing. She had some heartburn and swollen ankles, but that’s nothing compared to some pregnancy symptoms. She was finally full-term and we tried everything to get this little boy to come out. Seriously…everything. I mean, the girl downed twice the suggested amount of castor oil before heading to work for a night shift. We went over speedbumps, ate spicy food, went walking, got evening primrose oil, etc etc etc. She had Scalini’s eggplant parmesan with her aunt, heck…I got her a bouncing ball and she just sat there for forever while we watched Shark Tank. This baby did not want to come out.

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Birth Story from a Registered Nurse/1st Time Aunt’s Perspective

A truly inspiring birth story from Katie Myrick Photography and some great tips too for those thinking about taking their camera into the delivery room!  Thanks Katie, wonderful images!



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A Birth Story

One of the many challenges of birth sessions is getting enough good shots that tell the complete story of the day, mainly because your window of opportunity can be very small.  But check out some of the great “non-action” shots that Kylee Ann Photography comes up with here in this beautifully done birth session if you need some extra inspiration!


kylee-ann-birth-story5BirthMom's First Look

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Becoming Parents for the First Time

There are a number of factors that make birth sessions hard for photographers (including lack of sleep in this case), it’s just not an easy session to pull off.  But this birth story from Bonnie Hussey Photography is nearly perfection!

From Bonnie Hussey Photography:

This was the first time I’ve documented a birth story where the parents are first time parents. I got a call around 11 pm from mom letting me know she wasn’t feeling well and she was going to go to Labor & Delivery to make sure everything was ok. I got another call around 2 am letting me know she was being admitted and I got “THE CALL” around 3:30 am letting me know she was about 4 cm dilated. That was my cue to get ready and head to the hospital. I already had my battery charged and cards ready to go, so I just had to double check to make sure I had everything.

Watching a couple become parents for the first time was absolutely incredible.



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