Stuck in a rut when it comes to photographing your own kids (or nephews and nieces in this case)?  Then get all up in their face and tell them to do their worst!  I guarantee the result will be interesting at the very least :)

If you like what you end up with then take it a step further with this idea from Jane Ammon photography that we posted a while back.


Why?You can't see me.I'm tough.

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Today I have the honor and privilege to share a follow up to what has been (IMO) the most inspirational story ever featured on IMB!  Roughly 16 months ago we featured Leah Brady Photography on the blog in a post titled What TRUE INSPIRATION is.  It is a story about the Landefeld family and their daughter Scarlett Rose who was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  With a child of my own with special needs, I am sure that Annie and Ryan have faced a tremendously difficult path in caring for their daughter, which at times has probably felt impossible to continue on!  Yet their unconditional and beautiful love for Scarlett, as evidenced in these photos and video, is a true inspiration to all of us no matter what stage of life we are in right now.  It is a session that saved Leah Brady’s photography career over a year ago as she reminded us then – Love selflessly, unconditionally and like today really could be your last day with your child.



Child Photography Tips from Charity White Photography

From: Charity White Photography

I didn’t think it was possible for such a young child to have so much personality. But as Stella has proven to me for the past three years that I have photographed, her, it is BEYOND possible. In fact, she just might be the feistiest, most energetic, personality-filled 4-year old I have ever met. And each year she has more than the last.


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Farm girls

Awesome work by Harmony Safier Photography who shows us how to strike the balance between posing kids and capturing them in their element!  Some really outstanding shots in this set!



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For the love of Travel

If you’re going to photograph your own kids this is how you do it!  What a fantastic little portfolio from Angelani Photography!  Some truly amazing shots captured here.  Wish we could see more from her!



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