Blue Eyed Grace Turns One

From Sabrina Louise Photography:

This family is near and dear to my heart as they are my family. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law came to Georgia from Colorado to visit us and we were so excited. Since I am a photographer, when I am around family and friends, photo shoots are always a MUST, plus my blue eyed niece Grace was turning 1, so it really was necessary! My husband’s family is a hoot to be around, so there was a lot of laughs during this session! My mom-in-law also wanted wanted special pictures with her first granddaughter.

Grace’s 1 year tutu outfit was from a boutique in Senoia, GA called Chloe’s. When we saw it, we new Grace had to have it! The dream catchers are from Etsy – the Ojibwe Shop, which were utilized as a backdrop for some of the pictures.

I found this great little spot at the lake where the sunlight was peaking through the trees and I utilized that as a backlight. Backlighting compliments my style of photography because it gives it that warm whimsical look that I love! Shooting into the light can sometimes be challenging, but I used a portion of the tree, branches, or leaves to hide the sun behind slightly.



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Miracle Baby

From Kelsey Freeman Photography:

Finally, at 5/7/14, I got the call at 5:00 AM that I had been waiting for. Baby Carson was making his debut.

Let me take you on a little trip down memory lane. It was 7th grade chorus class with Mrs. Pierce. The very first day of school. I walked into chorus class with my super cute pink Aeropostale sweatsuit feeling comfy and ready to sing. What do I see across the room? A girl wearing the exact same outfit. So of course we had to chit-chat. We discovered we had the same birthday. Really? This chick had on the exact same outfit and the same birthday? I mean c’mon. That’s just nature’s way of telling me we were going to be best friends.

Lets fast forward 9 years, through sleepovers, trying to skip Sunday School, endless nights of Monopoly, sneaking out, and graduating together. She comes to my house early one morning and tells me that she has some news. She says she thinks she is pregnant. So naturally, as any best friend would do, I drug her butt to the store, we bought like 5 pregnancy tests, and made her take them as soon as we got back to my house. Yup…she was preggo.


This girl had the best pregnancy. No morning sickness, no awful fatigue, no horrific weight-gain, nothing. She had some heartburn and swollen ankles, but that’s nothing compared to some pregnancy symptoms. She was finally full-term and we tried everything to get this little boy to come out. Seriously…everything. I mean, the girl downed twice the suggested amount of castor oil before heading to work for a night shift. We went over speedbumps, ate spicy food, went walking, got evening primrose oil, etc etc etc. She had Scalini’s eggplant parmesan with her aunt, heck…I got her a bouncing ball and she just sat there for forever while we watched Shark Tank. This baby did not want to come out.

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Flowers in the Fall

From Life of love Photography:

I am a military family photographer currently stationed in Italy. This session with one of my clients embodies all the beautiful colors of the fall. Taken on one crisp morning, I choose a park as the ideal location for the children. My aim was to capture their story in all the details; the love between and sister and her brother, father and daughter, daughter and her love for flowers and a tight family shot around a autumn tree.



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The Medick Family!

So much to love about this beautiful Fall, family shoot from Tracey Buyce Photography.  The color used here is just gorgeous.  I’m liking the matching camo theme!  We will definitely be keeping an eye on her from now on!



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Christmas in the Apple Orchard

When it comes to being the complete package as a photographer, there are few who are better than NicCole Photography.  Her ability to visualize and plan out a scene is just as impressive as her skill behind the camera!  This is her third time being featured on IMB and for good reason!


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