California Family Beach Session

The end of Summer is also a bit of a downer for me (which means Winter is around the corner and the kids will be in the house all day, yuck) but at least I can imagine I’m in So Cal with beautiful images like these from Melinda Jankowski Photography!  Love the color theme for this shoot too!



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Maternal Goddess

I absolutely love the color in these shots! Fantastic work by Korindi Photography!  After having helped review thousands of submissions here at IMB over the years, there are certain visual cues I’ve learned to pick up on that tell me that the photographer is a maniac over attention to details :)  Korindi is in the maniac category (I know this because she dresses to match her website’s color scheme!).  One of the benefits of being a bit OCD in photography though is that it usually leads to great composition!  This maternity session could be a mini lesson in composition.  The balance, symmetry and viewpoint in these shots just makes everything flow so smoothly.  It’s like candy for your eyes!  Looking forward to seeing more work from Korindi :)



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A Day in the Life of Baby June

If I could choose one word to describe Julie Harris Photography it would be “real”.  There is so much to love about her style and especially this session!  Look at those baby rolls!! :)



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Modern and stylish maternity session by Tamara Knight Photography

There is really so much to love about this maternity/family session from Tamara Knight Photography!  I would never have guessed that a caution barrier could be used to create such a beautiful image!  I also really appreciate that the family was willing to have their messy house used in these shots.  Very cool session!


Moving to a new house in fun! :-)Packing, playing, and waiting for the new house and the new baby :-)Big brother

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Sunset on the Beach | A Family Session

She is just so good we can’t get enough – this is Jaiden Photography’s third time featured on IMB!  But how can you blame us, look at these wonderful images!  She is one of the best at what she does.  If you are just starting out (or if you’ve been at for a while even) be sure to check out her work and study what she does!

One of our favorites from Jaiden Photography – Quituplet Session!



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