Jace & Addison Turn 2!

Today we welcome Janelle Brooke Photography to the blog and what a stunning session it is!  These beautiful images are from a twin two-year shoot this past spring and we only can hope to see more of her work in the coming months!



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Flowers in the Fall

From Life of love Photography:

I am a military family photographer currently stationed in Italy. This session with one of my clients embodies all the beautiful colors of the fall. Taken on one crisp morning, I choose a park as the ideal location for the children. My aim was to capture their story in all the details; the love between and sister and her brother, father and daughter, daughter and her love for flowers and a tight family shot around a autumn tree.



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Dreamy Maternity Session

There are some sessions that just make us stop and say “wow”!  This set from Megan Gery Photography is definitely one of them!  I’m not sure it could be any more perfect if she tried!  I love it when mom-to-be isn’t afraid to shake things up a bit, like stepping into the water.  Absolutely beautiful!


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The Medick Family!

So much to love about this beautiful Fall, family shoot from Tracey Buyce Photography.  The color used here is just gorgeous.  I’m liking the matching camo theme!  We will definitely be keeping an eye on her from now on!



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A Little Boy’s Treasure

From: Natashia Nicole Photography

Some regular clients of mine were all set for an evening family session when mom asked if big brother Levi could carry his brand new little sister around in a Moby wrap. Little Riley was a bit fussy from all the commotion. As soon as she was in the wrap, she was instantly calm. Riley was just as in love with her big brother as he is with her. We could all feel their connection. And the images show how amazing soulful their bond is. He held her close, like she was his most prized treasure, while she quietly slept in his arms.



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