Williamson Maternity Shoot

From: Kenan Irving Photography

We are located in Ruston, Louisiana. We try to capture family events in a candid and unique way. Our goal is to get out of the way and let moments happen. The shoot below is the Williamson family maternity shoot. Chris, his wife Alexis and daughter Destinee were great subjects. We didn’t want this to be regular maternity shoot with a bunch of photos of the family staring at Alexis’ belly. She’s pregnant and that’s obvious. So we felt that any picture she was in, was automatically a maternity picture. With that in mind we decided to capture a day in the life of a family expecting a new baby. The shots include the family baking cookies and putting together a new bassinet. We also felt that the new house they had just bought was a member of the family. It would be an important place in the lives of everyone, including the new baby. So we wanted the house to feature as well. We shot in the kitchen, dining room, stairway and both bedrooms. We all had a blast! I love how subtle the pictures came out. None of them really scream, “I’m pregnant!”.


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Soft & Natural Maternity Session

From Michelle Kujawski Photography:

I absolutely love working with mamas-to-be and this maternity session is one of my favorites! The couple really wanted something soft and natural, so we shot at a nature trail in Delafield, Wisconsin at the golden hour. We discussed wardrobe ahead of time and determined that a neutral color would be best in this environment and add to the light, airy feel. I was so excited about the beautiful, warm glow of the sun as it went down during a few of the shots! I’m not sure if the couple understood just why I was so giddy about the light at the time, but once they saw the photos, they understood!


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Waiting for our son

From Melissa T Photography:

I love doing maternity spring sessions outside with all the new beautiful blooming flowers . It reminds me of how much joy new beginnings can bring each year. Nate and Nicole are expecting their first baby boy. Nicole looks so beautiful in this feminine gown which shows her belly. I love this natural look for maternity sessions.


nicole 1nicole 2nicole 3

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Glowing Maternity Session

From Lesley Veronika Photography:

A beautiful mama to be, the beach and a perfect sunset makes for a perfect maternity session. I used to work with the mama to be so when I found out she was pregnant, I approached her about doing a maternity session. She is definitely a free- spirt so I wanted the session to captured that. She made the flower crown and found the perfect white and turquoise flowy dress. And I picked the beach. We started photographing an hour before sunset and had a perfect “golden hour”. One of my favorite things to photograph is maternity sessions. Unfortunately, mama’s to be usually hate the way they look when they are pregnant. So if I can make them feel beautiful in just ONE photo, then I’ve done my job!


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All I Want For Christmas is You

From The Argus Image:

Ina and Jason prove that meeting someone at the gym CAN indeed have a happy ending! The couple met at a boutique gym in Westlake called, Drenched Fitness where Jason is a trainer. Ina was immediately intrigued, but figured that Jason was already in a relationship. In addition, she was too shy to talk to him more than she had attempted to already. However, Jason one day decided to make a move and ask Ina out.

I think Jason realized although he may be a fitness superstar, Ina could handle her own (and she did!). Ina proved herself to be quite the match as an athlete for Jason and throughout her pregnancy continued her training to be a healthy and fit mamma.

The amazing thing about their first born? Jason proposed to Ina on December 25th, 2014 and Ina gave birth to their beautiful daughter, Stella Rose, on December 25th, 2015. A Christmas miracle? I think so!

I have personally know Ina since college and she recently joined my company, The Argus Image. I am beyond thrilled to share her beautiful maternity session with you.


Ina PortraitMuffin in the ovenIt's a girl sorie

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