A Bit of Color

From Captures in Time Photography:

I captured this adorable girl in my studio, in Kansas City, MO. I just had to use some brighter colors with her skin tones. Sometimes, you just look at a baby and can tell what colors will work great with them!



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Sweet Dreams

From Victoria Kinder Photography:

I call this session “Sweet Dreams” because this little guy’s mommy had been dreaming of all the cute poses she wanted for this little guy. Together Mom and I worked to create these beautiful images. Mom being a totally Harry Potter fan brought lots of goodies from the baby’s nursery and together we made a Harry Potter themed session she had been dreaming of a reality. Next we did a Yoda costume change! The baby’s uncles and little brother were huge star wars fans so it was only fitting that we did something for them.

This baby was a complete photographer’s dream at just 4 days old and allowed me to pose him how we like so we managed to work in all the cute crochet gifts mom had received at her baby shower (Harry Potter, Yoda, Dinosaur, Fisherman, and Policeman) in additional to the traditional photos of just the baby.



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Breathtaking newborn photography in Northern Virginia

From Stephanie Honikel Photography:

I captured these images in Sterling, Virginia. I drove to my client’s home, set up all of my equipment and posed the newborn carefully either on the beanbag or in a small basket/wooden box that I use for newborn photography. Toward the end of the session I included her parents as well.

I primarily offer in-home newborn photography sessions, always take my time and never rush through the session. I make sure the baby gets plenty of breaks and is comfortable all the time. I believe that this is the recipe for successful newborn photography.


Breathtaking newborn photography in Northern VirginiaBreathtaking newborn photography in Northern VirginiaBreathtaking newborn photography in Northern Virginia

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A New Beginning

From Marsha Pizarro Photography:

The beginning of a new life is one of the most incredible things. I love being able to capture these memories for parents as this is the start of something amazing. I love using little bits of color for my newborn sessions but in order to keep the focus on the precious newborn I keep my props very simple and pure. I want these to be timeless and treasured memories for the parents. The key to photographing newborns is taking your time, following their lead, and above all doing everything safely. For this session we did the potato sack pose; which was done as a composite. Newborn safety comes before everything else.


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Pure and Simple Newborn Session

From Clifton Man Photography:

This little guy was absolutely adorable! He wasn’t interested in sleeping for the first half of the session, so we let him stay with momma to get lots of snuggles and to fill his belly. He slept and posed like a champ after the first hour and a half.

Tip: Don’t become frustrated if the newborn decides not to sleep during the session. Negative energy only increases the stress of the situation. Stay calm and collected. Make sure that the baby’s needs are met and you’ll be sure to get those beautiful newborn images.



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