Farm girls

Awesome work by Harmony Safier Photography who shows us how to strike the balance between posing kids and capturing them in their element!  Some really outstanding shots in this set!



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Waiting for a “Little Brother”

Brilliant color, a gorgeous nursery, a beautiful mom-to-be, and a dog so cute that I actually want to pop his head off….what’s not to love about this shoot from Liz Campbell Photography!



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Overdue, But Just As New

A lovely newborn session from Australian photographer Hannah Cary Photography!  As she points out, getting multiple shots out of each pose is a must-have skill when dealing with a fussy or sensitive baby on location.  Love the (natural) lighting in these images!



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For the love of Travel

If you’re going to photograph your own kids this is how you do it!  What a fantastic little portfolio from Angelani Photography!  Some truly amazing shots captured here.  Wish we could see more from her!



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Maternal Goddess

I absolutely love the color in these shots! Fantastic work by Korindi Photography!  After having helped review thousands of submissions here at IMB over the years, there are certain visual cues I’ve learned to pick up on that tell me that the photographer is a maniac over attention to details :)  Korindi is in the maniac category (I know this because she dresses to match her website’s color scheme!).  One of the benefits of being a bit OCD in photography though is that it usually leads to great composition!  This maternity session could be a mini lesson in composition.  The balance, symmetry and viewpoint in these shots just makes everything flow so smoothly.  It’s like candy for your eyes!  Looking forward to seeing more work from Korindi :)



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