Baby Boy Branson

We are very pleased to welcome Angie Englerth Photography to the IMB blog for the first time with an absolutely beautiful newborn session!  I love her advice too, make the most with the equipment you have.  Your equipment is not the single most important factor in determining your success but rather how well you know your gear and your ability to develop good shooting habits.  A great photographer is still great even with outdated equipment!



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Puppy Love <3

If you’re allergic to cuteness then stop reading and turn back to where you came from right now because there is a ridiculous amount of it in this session!  What a beautiful 6 month session by Kelly Allan Photography!  And her first time being featured on IMB!


Puppy Love 1Puppy Love 2Puppy Love 3

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Baby Ivan: A San Diego Baby Cake Smash

Cake Smash!!  Try to actually get some in your mouth next time kid :)  Thanks to Alexis Stoniea Photography for sharing this very well done cake smash session!



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Rainbow Baby

It is always such a great pleasure to be able to share the work of Meghan Wiesman Photography with you!  Somehow this one slipped past our editing process (oops), so you’ll see that her little blurb at the end is quite dated (sorry!).  This is her third time featured on IMB (but the first time in over two years).  We are always so very impressed with her talent and this one is extra special!!



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Winter Maternity Sunset Session

From Julie Pottorff Photography:

For my client’s session, she wore a beautiful maternity gown that I purchased from Roses and Ruffles. I really wanted to give these a dreamy feel, and let people know that they can still get those beautiful outdoor images during winter. She was such a good sport throughout her session, and thankfully for her, it was much warmer than average! Originally, my intention was to photograph along a different spot of this road, but I like to follow the sun. There’s something so magical about having beautiful light in your images. It really adds the WOW factor that I’m looking for.


Dreamy Maternity 1Dreamy Maternity 2

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