Film is Alive

This is such a gripping set of images, not just because it’s cool that it was shot on real film but also because I feel like it completely captures how all of us (or most of us) here in the U.S. feel about the Winter of 2014.  For most of the states it’s been nothing but sub zero temps, ice, and snow with very little relief in between.  I for one am sick of it and can hardly take being trapped inside with my kids any longer!  This session sums up my kids’ attitudes this season so well: long faces with glimpses of laughter sprinkled in.


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A Home Full of Music

If you’ve been in or around photography long enough, you have probably noticed that the best photographers not only have great technical photography skills but are also equally skilled in design, style, and fashion.  Sea + Rhythm Photography has it all!  They may be relatively low profile now but this is someone you’ll want to keep an eye on for sure!


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Full Hands, Full hearts!

The thing I love about Kayte Patterson’s work is that her style is so consistent across the board.  Scroll through her Facebook page and you can see how every session feels the same.  That is so important in building a brand with your customers!  Let them know what they can expect and then stick with your style.  Oh and good luck to dad with holding that same pose when the twins are 12 months!! :)



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53 Pink Balloons

It doesn’t get any better than beautiful photography for a wonderful cause!  Thank you to D4 Photography for this gorgeous session which I’m sure will be etched in the memory of this mother forever!



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Becoming Parents for the First Time

There are a number of factors that make birth sessions hard for photographers (including lack of sleep in this case), it’s just not an easy session to pull off.  But this birth story from Bonnie Hussey Photography is nearly perfection!

From Bonnie Hussey Photography:

This was the first time I’ve documented a birth story where the parents are first time parents. I got a call around 11 pm from mom letting me know she wasn’t feeling well and she was going to go to Labor & Delivery to make sure everything was ok. I got another call around 2 am letting me know she was being admitted and I got “THE CALL” around 3:30 am letting me know she was about 4 cm dilated. That was my cue to get ready and head to the hospital. I already had my battery charged and cards ready to go, so I just had to double check to make sure I had everything.

Watching a couple become parents for the first time was absolutely incredible.



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