Blue Eyed Grace Turns One

From Sabrina Louise Photography:

This family is near and dear to my heart as they are my family. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law came to Georgia from Colorado to visit us and we were so excited. Since I am a photographer, when I am around family and friends, photo shoots are always a MUST, plus my blue eyed niece Grace was turning 1, so it really was necessary! My husband’s family is a hoot to be around, so there was a lot of laughs during this session! My mom-in-law also wanted wanted special pictures with her first granddaughter.

Grace’s 1 year tutu outfit was from a boutique in Senoia, GA called Chloe’s. When we saw it, we new Grace had to have it! The dream catchers are from Etsy – the Ojibwe Shop, which were utilized as a backdrop for some of the pictures.

I found this great little spot at the lake where the sunlight was peaking through the trees and I utilized that as a backlight. Backlighting compliments my style of photography because it gives it that warm whimsical look that I love! Shooting into the light can sometimes be challenging, but I used a portion of the tree, branches, or leaves to hide the sun behind slightly.



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Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Party & Cake Smash

What would we do without Pinterest these days?  It would just be a world full of chocolate cupcakes and store-bought decorations.  :)  Thanks to Megan Jolee Photography for this whimsical birthday shoot!  I am sure she made this family’s day extra special!




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Spring has Sprung in California!

A perfect Spring maternity shoot from Christie Brown Photography!  If you’re not a fan of Christie yet you need to start following her work today!  Not only is her work always consistent and beautiful but she really brands and presents herself very well.  Definitely someone that new photographers should look up to!



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Baby Boy Branson

We are very pleased to welcome Angie Englerth Photography to the IMB blog for the first time with an absolutely beautiful newborn session!  I love her advice too, make the most with the equipment you have.  Your equipment is not the single most important factor in determining your success but rather how well you know your gear and your ability to develop good shooting habits.  A great photographer is still great even with outdated equipment!



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Puppy Love <3

If you’re allergic to cuteness then stop reading and turn back to where you came from right now because there is a ridiculous amount of it in this session!  What a beautiful 6 month session by Kelly Allan Photography!  And her first time being featured on IMB!


Puppy Love 1Puppy Love 2Puppy Love 3

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