Dance like an angel’s watching

If you have a daughter and this session doesn’t move you, you might be emotionally broken :)  Thank you to Italian photographer, michela magnani photography, for taking the time to submit this session and to be a part of our IMB community!



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The Nerd

Happy Halloween from IMB!  I can really appreciate that this cute kid wanted to go out trick-or-treating as himself :)  Of course, dressing in your regular ol’ clothes doesn’t officially count as a costume so mom turned him into a nerdy version of himself!  Love it!



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The Essence of Baby Moon

We are pleased to welcome back Je M’appelle Artistry to the blog!  They were featured in May this year with a gorgeous medieval princess themed session and now bring us a beautiful newborn session.  I have to admit, I’m usually not too keen on black and white (technically grayscale) portrait photography but this particular newborn session seems to be even more stunning in b/w!  New/rookie photographers can learn a lot by paying attention to the composition in these images and always keep in mind the rule of thirds.  Notice that in many of these images, showing the entire subject would actually distract you from the focus of the shot.


True LoveNurslingAdmiration

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Capturing His First Breath

Birth sessions can be tricky to pull off – basically you are in everyone’s way for almost the entire time you are there, things can quickly become “scary”, and it is hard to find the right positions so that you’re capturing enough detail without the images becoming untactful.  Despite the challenges, Maddie B Photography, delivers (pun intended) a beautiful and well-told story of the birth of little Colton!



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Adventures in Wonderland

Harlow Moon totally nailed this Alice in Wonderland theme!  Bonus points for getting a bunny to pose! :)



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