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Senior sessions often straddle a sense of exuberance and maturity, documenting the time in a young person’s life, on the cusp of adulthood. This senior session from Suzanne Mellott Photography captures that sensibility beautifully. Golden backlighting, a mix of gritty abstraction and natural beauty in location selection and authentic expressions from this senior really stand out.  A few subtle accessories give these portraits just the right amount of flair. Suzanne shares some great advice below and has posted other senior sessions on her Facebook page if you’re looking for more inspiration. As always, leave your feedback and continue sending in those inspirational senior sessions!

WV senior session
WV senior portrait
WV senior backlighting
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2012 senior portrait
senior portrait with headband
2012 senior portrait with car

From Suzanne Mellott Photography:I am always super excited to photograph seniors because they bring a lot of spontaneity, fun, and energy to their session.  This girl was no exception!  Krista drove her new convertible in to meet me with an awesome trunkful of outfits and accessories!  Couple that with a yummy sunset and I just knew it would go down as one of my favorite sessions.  We chose a variety of locations a few miles outside of town to match all of her looks.  Krista is studying photography so she didn’t need much coaching from me for posing which I love!  I love to push seniors outside of their comfort zone into something that can “WOW” the crowds.  However, I tend not to go overboard with provocative posing.  A high school senior is beautiful in his or her own right.  Did I mention that senior shoots almost always make ME feel younger?  Love that part.}

Senior Session by Third Avenue Photography

Here is a lovely senior session from Third Avenue Photography. As many of our featured sessions demonstrate, advanced scouting of a few key locations enables the photographer to demonstrate a casual mastery of the process, and helps the subject get into the experience and just do her thing.

The soaring columns are a particularly effective here, providing that neutral/cream background from which the blues can radiate. I love how the diversity of settings tells as much of a story as the colorful outfits, accessories and personal prop. Anna also provides an awesome tip about motivation that you should share with your seniors.


From Third Avenue Photography:
I was very excited about doing this Senior session. The girl and the location went together perfectly. I love not only her outfits, but how she accessorized them, different and beautiful bracelets, earrings and necklaces for each one. And I always enjoy when props (like a violin!) are brought along to really show off their personality/hobbies.

We started a little after 6:00PM and ended around 8:00PM. The light was beautiful that day. It was so much fun…. I love how Seniors bring along a little cheer squad, friends and family to encourage and make them laugh.

//  Third Avenue Photography  //

Inspire: Senior Session by Tami Wilson Photography

Maybe we’re just partial to the color yellow, but this is a beautiful senior session by Tami Wilson Photography. In addition to the pop of the yellow, you’ll notice the cute outfits the senior is wearing. Like Monday’s featured session, it really does make a huge difference what your senior is wearing. What makes this session really great is that it shows you that you can have a great session just about anywhere.

From: Tami Wilson Photography: Before all my photography sessions I have my clients fill out a questionnaire that helps me get to know them better. This is very important as it many times sparks a bit of creativity and makes me think outside the box as a photographer.

Before this senior session I found that she absolutely loves the library and has wonderful memories as a child at a particular library.  As soon as I read this I knew we had to shoot there.   We started our session in the library and found the most amazing light with the floor to ceiling windows.  We then headed outside and located some awesome backdrops with lots of texture.

This area was completely new to me and now one of my favorite places for senior sessions.  So, it definitely pays to try something new and get out of your comfort zone!

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Inspire: Senior Session by Erica May Photography

We have not featured a senior session in a long time, so hopefully this one by Erica May Photography will inspire you for any upcoming senior sessions you may have. You’ll love the simplicity of the whole session as well as the clothing worn by this senior. The clothes your senior wears will always make a huge difference in your session.


From Erica May Photography: I knew this session with Allie was going to be one of my favorites so far. First of all Allie is beautiful and I knew she was going to bring a great wardrobe to work with. I found an awesome new location to use and it really captured the Texas nature feel she wanted. I loved how she brought lots of accessories and layers for her wardrobe. It definitely gave us a lot of options and posing ideas. It has been so hot here in Texas this summer that she agreed to meet me bright and early at 7am. It ended up being cloudy and super windy the morning of her shoot but we embraced it and came away with some great shots. Being a back-lighting junkie I am always a little bummed when it is cloudy but the sun did manage to peek out at the very end of the session, YAY! I love working with seniors because they are great models! They are always cooperative and excited for their session and they always trust everything I suggest. I love their free spirits and creativity!

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Inspire: Tween Session by Kristen Vincent Photography

Wow! What great submissions we’ve been getting lately! You’ll notice that one or two simple props can transform a session into something fun and creative. As a bonus, we’ve never specifically featured a “tween” session before, so you’ll love how Kristen Vincent Photography made this session appropriate for a tween – not too serious (like a senior session might be) but still packed with personality.

From Kristen Vincent Photography: Having a “tween” myself, I had to stop and think. As photographers we do newborns, children, seniors, family, couples, and weddings. Somehow from age 9-16 they vanish and are only in portraits that their parents make them take for the family holiday card. I told my tween to think of a shoot she would have fun with, and then I got busy and forgot about this idea. Then out of nowhere, she walks into the living room wearing this. As a lover of styled shoots, I was so proud that she gathered a few simple props all on her own. How could I say no? 3D glasses with the lenses popped out and white out in the middle. A few of her summer reads. Sweet socks. This girl has it all!

Tips for the perfect TWEEN SESSION:

  • KEEP IT SIMPLE. A few must have props and the right accessories are all you need.
  • HAVE FUN. I love this age because they are old enough to take direction and will be silly and goofy without being embarrassed.
  • MAKE IT ABOUT THEM. Do a session that THEY want to do. If you try to do a sports themed session for a Tween who has no interest in sports your finished product will most likely show that. Get them involved in the styling and ideas of posing and watch the magic unfold.

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