Trash the Dress!

Wondering what to do with your old wedding dress?  Check out this featured session from Kelsey Clark Photography!  What a unique and fun idea for everyone involved!  Leave your feedback for Kelsey below.


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Lifestyle Cake Smash by Rachael Myers Photography

This session from  Rachael Myers Photography combines a lifestyle approach with a cake smash. We glimpse this 1-year-old pre-smash, laughing, playing, and exploring, mid-smash with a look of sheer joy and a super cute post-smash image as he’s being rinsed off. I love how sessions like this one tell a story, mark a moment in time and make you feel as if you were there. Rachael also offers great advice about working with children. Enjoy and share.

on year old photography

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Inspire: Tea Party by Fresh from God Photography

What’s NOT to love about this session from Fresh From God Photography? Taking 6 months to plan, Rebecca includes some amazing details – from the coordinated clothes (which Rebecca made, by the way) to the cupcakes and pinwheels. Not only that but this is a wonderful example of post-processing done right – too many times you’ll see a photographer use Photoshop actions without tailoring it to the photograph – but Rebecca here does it perfectly.

I hope this inspires you to set up a tea party of your own! If you’ve done one, please share yours in the comments!

From Fresh From God Photography: Goodness, this session was a labor of love. I started planning about 6 months ago and never thought it would take this long to come to reality. I made three little outfits and envisioned all the little details. But then I admittedly was a little nervous that after all that work it wouldn’t be what I had dreamed of. Finally after finding the perfect little girls to enjoy tea and cupcakes alongside my Ava we set the date and made it happen. Not only was it a magical session in the photos but it was also that magical while it happened. The girls were able to ignore me and just be little girls. There was a warm breeze and the smell of Summer looming in the air. It sounds corny, I know, but it really was one of my favorite sessions to date. I’m already planning my next storybook session. Some things I learned about the process is to write down your thoughts. It took so long to make this happen that there were little details I wanted that I might have forgotten otherwise. Keep everything you plan on using in the same place until your session. And it helps if you already know your models. The fact that I had photographed them all before lent to the relaxed and real atmosphere. Try NOT to eat the cupcakes when you’re done. I did actually gain 2lbs as a result.

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Inspire: Winter in Arizona Sibling Session by Krista Campbell Photography

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

For those of us who live in areas with a mild Winter, we sometimes envy those sessions where there is some snow! But as photographers, we have no choice but to work with what we have – for example, children playing in the desert in the Winter! This session by Krista Campbell Photography was taken in Arizona in the Winter. You’ll love the black & white conversions as well as the simple portraiture from this session. In this case, less is definitely more.

From Krista Campbell Photography: I love the desert in winter here in Arizona. While other states in the US brace for winter, Arizonans are ready to play in the beautiful sunshine and enjoy the warm temperatures here in the Sonoran desert. This session was taken in an open desert and the sisters are 3 and 6. They had a great time searching for jackrabbits and picking off pieces of desert weeds that have gone to seed and blowing them like “snow”. Since this shoot was done during the golden hour, I edited them to enhance the beautiful flare and golden haze. Backlight during this time is my favorite light to shoot in. I always meter for the face and sometimes try different angles to minimize flare and haze or capture it, depending on the look I am going for.

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Inspire: Vintage Toddler Session by Yocum Photography

You can totally tell how much thought Yocum Photography put behind this toddler session. Check out all the elements that made this such a fantastic session: the bike, clothing, pearls, and location. Be sure to read the tips she offers at the end – this particular age is not easy to photograph!

From Yocum Photography: This particular shoot I knew the ‘look’ I was going for; which for this session was a timeless almost vintage feel.  I was in constant contact with the Mom to work out wardrobe and accessories.  I am more than thrilled with the way the pictures turned out feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to photograph this precious angel!

Tips From Yocum Photography: I think if you have a vision already working in your head on what you want the outcome to look like; it will help out in the end.  Plan your sessions as much as possible, but also realize that the child is the one who runs the show!  One of the first things I do once we are on location is ‘find the light’.  I know harsh lighting will not be flattering; which is why, for the most part, I schedule my sessions late in the evening.  With children that are mobile you have to be willing to RUN if need be.  Those little buggers are quick!  Also I try to anticipate when they are going to run to and I’ll either run ahead of them or if I want a shot of them looking small in a big world type shot; I’ll position myself where I need to be.  Another thing to remember is they don’t always have to look at you; let the kids be kids and just you just be there to capture what they do best!

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