What to Wear

What to Wear // Spring

Oh my goodness the What to Wears are back!

A lot of people e-mail me and ask me how I make the What to Wears. Here’s a tip if you are making them yourself: I really think about what each outfit will look like not only photographed together but photographed in pairs or a smaller grouping of some sort. For example, will the outfit still work if mom is photographed with her children or if dad is photographed with one of the children.

Here’s a casual Spring look for you. You can download it without the logo here.

Freebie: What to Wear Baby & Toddler

A reader suggested that I do a baby & toddler What to Wear – so here it is! It was actually a little difficult to do these since I’m trying to make them holiday-free but most of the clothing right now is Christmas related. Please feel free to download and use the version without our logo.

What To Wear Photography Session Baby and Toddler

Freebie: What to Wear Siblings & Seniors

Last month, you requested What to Wear guides for siblings and seniors. Two outfits from the What to Wear Siblings were put together by Gap. All clothes from the What to Wear Seniors are from Wet Seal. If you haven’t been to Wet Seal’s website, they have an online application for putting together outfits. Download the What to Wear Siblings here and What to Wear Seniors here.

As always, please feel free to use these on your website and/or blog and to put your logo on them. :) Happy Thursday!

Freebie: What to Wear Fall Inspired

Fall is here! Sweaters and knits, oh my!

Feel free to use these on your website or blog and PLEASE put your logo on it – I hate that white space. ;) Here is the first one without our logo and here is the second one.

Freebie: What to Wear Maternity and 1950s

Thank you for all the great feedback on the free What to Wear guides! I’ve created two more: one for maternity sessions and one that was inspired by the 1950s (and from this session we featured). Please feel free to download and use the version without our logo here (maternity) and here (1950s).