Bulldog in the Baby Carriage

How great is the vintage baby carriage prop!?  And…come on…a cute bulldog sitting patiently in it???  It’s ridiculous!  This is like something out of a cartoon!  Such a beautiful session.  Thank you to Avenue Photography for this great submission!


Carriage 1
Carriage 1
Carriage 3

Watering Can
Flowers Laughing 1 Laughing 2 Garden Scene Nest

I’ve had this huge, old, baby carriage sitting in my garage for over a year now, waiting for the perfect session to use it with. I first met Stella about a year ago and was so drawn to her simple, little girl beauty. When I saw Stella’s family walking their bulldog one day in my neighborhood, that they had coincidentally moved into, I knew I had to arrange for a session with them! We got together early one morning to capture that soft light. I was a little worried how Elvis the Bulldog might react once we put him in the carriage, but he did a great job of staying (or you might say posing) and Stella just thought it was hilarious. I went location hunting the day before to find the perfect spot of trees to best work for my vision. The carriage has a somewhat darker feel to it being very old and black wicker, so I wanted to play off of that. I found the perfect patch of trees that were bare of leaves to help set the mood. The sun would be rising behind them which gave me the backlight that I wanted. Just to the right of that set, there was a lush area of green grass.. It was perfect for the little garden scene. With a mix of props and natural backdrops, I was able to achieve two different looks within walking distance. This makes for an easy shoot for both myself and the client.

Gear Used:
Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 50mm 1.2, Canon 85mm 1.8


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