Williamson Maternity Shoot

From: Kenan Irving Photography

We are located in Ruston, Louisiana. We try to capture family events in a candid and unique way. Our goal is to get out of the way and let moments happen. The shoot below is the Williamson family maternity shoot. Chris, his wife Alexis and daughter Destinee were great subjects. We didn’t want this to be regular maternity shoot with a bunch of photos of the family staring at Alexis’ belly. She’s pregnant and that’s obvious. So we felt that any picture she was in, was automatically a maternity picture. With that in mind we decided to capture a day in the life of a family expecting a new baby. The shots include the family baking cookies and putting together a new bassinet. We also felt that the new house they had just bought was a member of the family. It would be an important place in the lives of everyone, including the new baby. So we wanted the house to feature as well. We shot in the kitchen, dining room, stairway and both bedrooms. We all had a blast! I love how subtle the pictures came out. None of them really scream, “I’m pregnant!”.

KI1 KI2 KI3 KI4 KI5 KI6 KI7 KI8 KI9 KI10


Gear Used:
Nikon D700, Sigma 50mm 1.4, Nikon Nikor 28mm 2.8, Nikon SB700 Speedlight

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