Floral Inspired Mommy and Me

From Alex Lasota Photography:

April 2016 – In Eastern Washington Spring has been in full bloom, with flowers as bright and beautiful as ever, perfect for a Mommy and Me session, especially with Mother’s Day right around the corner. I’ve known Albany for over a year now, and had the privilege of meeting Gianna during this session, and what an angel she was. Alongside this mother and daughter duo, Gianna’s grandmother came along to assist in this beautiful spring shoot. To capture this, I simply let mother and daughter be, coaxing a few images by telling Albany to move her shoulder here or there. The one thing I find most important when capturing mother and daughter sessions, is in order to get that truly organic feel, you must be patient and you must let the two interact. This shoot took less than an hour, and we were able to come up with so many beautiful images. I cannot tell you how much of a joy it was to edit these photographs. The love these two have for each other is untouchable, undeniable, and completely and utterly beautiful – all one had to do (me) was sit back and observe.



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Sweet and Simple 3 Month Old Session

From Autumn:

Three months can be a tough age to shoot, but so rewarding. This little girl was so sweet and full of personality!  I focused on emphasizing her milestones and new developments, such as propping up on her elbows and capturing her wide open eyes.

I just loved seeing all of her fun expressions!

Tip! Involve mom in the photos, and invite her to get up close to the baby. Three month-olds are fascinated by faces – especially mommy’s face. You are sure to get cute shots of their feet little coos and smiles.



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Ojai Breastfeeding Goddess

From Heather Neilson Photography:

I’m entranced by the powerful bond between Swedish-born Ninna and her son, Solan, 9 months old, in this intimate collection of nursing and mother and baby images. These were taken late in the golden afternoon light, high in the mountains above Ojai, California, where Ninna and her husband live. I was inspired by earth-mama Ninna’s strong connection with nature and I hoped to capture some of that energy in the airy, organic look and feel of this session.



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Magic sunrise

We are so happy to have Stefania Masi Photography on the blog today, and we had to go all the way to Italy to find her :)  Some of these images are just amazing!  Scroll down to see the awesomeness that comes from shooting on a beach in Italy as the Sun melts away behind the mountains!  Yes, I’m a little jealous!



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Blue Eyed Grace Turns One

From Sabrina Louise Photography:

This family is near and dear to my heart as they are my family. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law came to Georgia from Colorado to visit us and we were so excited. Since I am a photographer, when I am around family and friends, photo shoots are always a MUST, plus my blue eyed niece Grace was turning 1, so it really was necessary! My husband’s family is a hoot to be around, so there was a lot of laughs during this session! My mom-in-law also wanted wanted special pictures with her first granddaughter.

Grace’s 1 year tutu outfit was from a boutique in Senoia, GA called Chloe’s. When we saw it, we new Grace had to have it! The dream catchers are from Etsy – the Ojibwe Shop, which were utilized as a backdrop for some of the pictures.

I found this great little spot at the lake where the sunlight was peaking through the trees and I utilized that as a backlight. Backlighting compliments my style of photography because it gives it that warm whimsical look that I love! Shooting into the light can sometimes be challenging, but I used a portion of the tree, branches, or leaves to hide the sun behind slightly.



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