Williamson Maternity Shoot

From: Kenan Irving Photography

We are located in Ruston, Louisiana. We try to capture family events in a candid and unique way. Our goal is to get out of the way and let moments happen. The shoot below is the Williamson family maternity shoot. Chris, his wife Alexis and daughter Destinee were great subjects. We didn’t want this to be regular maternity shoot with a bunch of photos of the family staring at Alexis’ belly. She’s pregnant and that’s obvious. So we felt that any picture she was in, was automatically a maternity picture. With that in mind we decided to capture a day in the life of a family expecting a new baby. The shots include the family baking cookies and putting together a new bassinet. We also felt that the new house they had just bought was a member of the family. It would be an important place in the lives of everyone, including the new baby. So we wanted the house to feature as well. We shot in the kitchen, dining room, stairway and both bedrooms. We all had a blast! I love how subtle the pictures came out. None of them really scream, “I’m pregnant!”.


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Glowing Maternity Session

From Lesley Veronika Photography:

A beautiful mama to be, the beach and a perfect sunset makes for a perfect maternity session. I used to work with the mama to be so when I found out she was pregnant, I approached her about doing a maternity session. She is definitely a free- spirt so I wanted the session to captured that. She made the flower crown and found the perfect white and turquoise flowy dress. And I picked the beach. We started photographing an hour before sunset and had a perfect “golden hour”. One of my favorite things to photograph is maternity sessions. Unfortunately, mama’s to be usually hate the way they look when they are pregnant. So if I can make them feel beautiful in just ONE photo, then I’ve done my job!


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Family Freezetag

From Cassandra Plummer Photography:

It was kind of like freeze tag. We all went outside and just played- we did cartwheels, rolled around in the grass, jumped off of rocks. When I saw something that I wanted to capture I had them freeze or do it again. Repositioning and adjusting the image I captured them having fun in their backyard! It was who they genuinely were from day to day!


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Maternity session in Vienna, Austria

From Tanja Schalling Photography:

I love this family, because I already shot their first maternity session, the newborn session, this next maternity session and the newborn session after this shoot.
Bettina is one of those “I walk out of hospital in my favorite pair of jeans”- mom´s, she does yoga and you can tell she feels very comfortable in her baby body, even though this shoot was in week 39.
I personally gained 29 kg with both of my children in pregnancy, I was asked if I get twins all the time ;-D



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On location newborn session

From Eva Baker Photography:

OK so I’m probably a little biased, but I really loved this session. This family has been with me for a few years and it was such an honor to photograph their newest baby girl. I usually shoot newborn sessions in my studio, but they have a toddler and mom thought it would be easier to shoot in their home.



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