One Enchanted Evening

From Sandra Boos Photography:

What an enchanted evening! From the outset, this session was so much fun!! A perfect gown, our amazing and kind pony Juliet and a little girl who loved each moment! Planning a session like this is really in the details, we made sure we shot during “Golden Hour” which in this case meant we started the session after 7 pm. The child’s mom made sure she had had plenty of rest and was ready for the shoot, not exhausted tired. Wardrobe, hair and pony were all ready to go and carefully planned!



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Twin Girls and Their Bond with a Pony

Trying to catch up on all of the amazing submissions we’ve had sent to us this past month!  This is one of our favorites from Mae Bolton Photography!  Enjoy!


Mae Bolton Photography - Twin Girls and Their PonyMae Bolton Photography - Twin Girls and Their PonyMae Bolton Photography - Twin Girls and Their Pony

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Newborn Lamb!

It’s not every day that we get a submission sent in to us with an adorable little lamb featured in it!  This little guy was just born the same day as the shoot!  Andrea did some fantastic work in this session, especially considering she only had 10 minutes to do it all.  What a fun, spontaneous idea!


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Photographing a Beloved Pet

When we posted our very first pet photography session, we were delighted with the positive response and have since received a number of submissions. Keep them coming!! We’re also getting the opportunity to learn more about this branch of many portrait photography businesses . This special session from Sabrina Louise Photography features Carl, a 15-year-old companion to Joe and Allison. Sabrina writes on her blog, “I am sure many pet lovers can relate to the  amazing companionship that grows between a person and their pet.”  Three  weeks after she took the photos, Carl passed away.  He was very old but, lived a great life.  Joe and Allison will miss him dearly, but she said they will always remember what a great dog he was.

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Pet Photography by Nicole Begley Pets

We’re Inspire Me Baby; but so many people we know have at one time or another called their pets “their babies” (at least until they have babies) so when Nicole asked about featuring a pet session, we decided we’d try it. If there is enough demand, a sister site might be in order!! Pet photography shares many of the same qualities as photographing children and depending where you live, it can be a lucrative addition to your photography business. Enjoy and leave your comments for Nicole below.

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